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With DevAppSol Network and Application portfolio ,SOLUTIONS can be deployed with minimal effort at lowest TCO


  • Low-Power wide area wireless network - Reliability and long range in hostile and difficult environments in airports, mines, ports etc. 
  • Proprietary power Management techniques - Long Battery life, no need to change batteries on asset trackers for 2-3 years
  • Proprietary Supervisory circuitry for fail-safe operations - Operate in harsh environments, with frequent power fluctuations, auto boot-up, solar backups etc.


Airports needs easy to use asset tracking across wide area with hundreds of moving and stationary objects from landside to airside. Real Time Data to improve efficency and accuracy are key for minimising turn aroundtime.

DevAppSol using Hybrid technology creates reliable and robust network which connects devices with applications for effective data monitoring, operational cost reduction, and deployments with minimal infrastructure.



Smart Site Safety Solution (4S) leverages technology (Internet of Things) to monitor and track workers and equipment in Mining sites to prevent or minimize fatal or serious incidents during operations.

With DevAppSol Smart Mining Solution can gain complete Mining fleet visibility of workers and equipment security, and operational efficiency.

We ensure Smooth running of your business while cutting costs, optimizing maintenance, and avoiding theft with the DAMS.



DevAppSol Smart Port (DSP) Solutions focus on efficiency improvements like traffic management systems, improving flow throughout the port area, automation, reducing costs or digitising process by improving lead time.

We ensure Smooth running of your business while cutting costs, optimizing maintenance, and avoiding loss/ theft with the DSP Solutions



DevAppSol connects water to comprehensively conceived solutions that go beyond just automated water metering and billing management to provide safe potable water to every household in rural India. 

Real-time Web Services,a completely integrated meter to web-based back-end management system. Pre/Post paid Water Metering System with Lifecycle management Systematic notification and alerts to consumers.

Automated Remote Management System,shut off water supply post exceeding water quantity paid for Web-based payment and automatic water supply resumption.



* Enabling Private /Public Networks
* Proven enterprise grade network infrastructure
* Data communication which is scalable and secure
* Reliable last mile connectivity
* Enabling cost effective hybrid networks.
* Guarantee near 100% data connectivity

Real Time Asset Tracking

*  Tracks and monitors with focus on “Reduced Cost Per Move”.
*  Enabling asset monitoring and management.
*  Zonised Tracking of Personnel and Equipment.
*  Improved maintenance and asset Utilisation.
*  Reduce theft, unauthorized usage with geo-fencing alarms. 
*  Monitor realtime logistics movements. 



*  Wearable Tags to locate anyone in real time.
*  Safety / Panic Button prearranged alerts.
*  Free Fall / Immobile Less alert. 
*  Collision Avoidance.
*  Heat Stress Monitoring Alerts.

Environmental Monitoring

*  Measures concentrations of ambient pollutants.
*  Monitor noise, temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall.
*  Real-time data through a wireless network.
*  Power / Solar-powered and Long battery backup.
*  IP65 Protected enclosures.
*  Works both is underground and open spaces. 



Real Time Visibility  

Location Identification

Tracking Movement

Document Asset Attributes

Assessment and Monitoring

Complete Life Cycle Management


Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

Increased Productivity

Optimal use of resources

Zero loss or Theft


Significant Savings


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